How To Measure

Measuring a Fence

Measuring a fence is a crucial step in planning and installing it correctly. To begin, determine the total length of fence you would like to have installed (either by using Google Maps or manually using a tape measure). If the fence line is not visible in the Google Maps satellite image due to trees or other obstacles blocking the view, a rough estimate of where you presume the fence line to be should be sufficient enough to get you to a reasonable estimate using the Cost Calculator. Make note of any required clearing that may be needed to install a new fence, including old fence material or large plants/obstacles that may restrict access to the job site. Entering your approximate fence length, desired number of gates and desired material will get you an approximate estimate using the Cost Calculator, although a more complete and final measurement will be conducted by a representative from Affordable Fence Pros to determine the final agreed-upon price before construction begins.

Steps To Measure The Fence Line

Enter your address into Google Maps

Activate "satellite view" and zoom into your property until property lines/fence lines are easily visible.

Measure the fence line

Right click at the start of the desired fence line and select "Measure Distance". Left click to add points along the desired fence line to create an outline of the total length of desired fence. To redo measurements, right click anywhere on the map and select "Clear Measurements".

Make note of the total distance

Once your desired fence line has been outlined to your liking, make note of the "total distance" recorded next to the line you created in Google Maps, as this will be a required input to the Cost Calculator.

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Use the total fence distance as an input to the Cost Calculator (along with desired material, number of gates, and total length of fence to remove (if applicable)) to receive an instantaneous free price estimate!

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